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Our Studio

Shake Rag Recording is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains just north of Asheville, NC.  We take great pride in the design of our studio.  Our control room was designed to deliver the engineer a smooth full sound for mastering your project.
Our inviting and relaxed space promotes creative energies to flow.  It's the perfect space for songwriting and recording.  

Kevin Dolan -  Founder and Chief Engineer

Kevin is a singer-songwriter, composer and multi instrumentalist. Having celebrated several years as a touring professional musician and session work, he moved into directing other musical groups as well as has released his own music.

Today you will find Kevin busy recording, engineering and producing at Shake Rag Recording for musicians of all genres.

Cheri MacQueen - VP Operations/Bookings

Cheri loves all genres of music and would like to be talented in this space. However, sadly, she is not a musician.  She has escaped the clutches of the corporate life and you will now find her at the Shake Rag Recording office.


Cheri will help you customize your session package and book your appointment so you can quickly get to what is most important ...your music!


Ella Dolan - Junior Engineer /Customer Support


Ella is an English Bulldog/Pug.  She is completely loyal and a true love.  She supports Kevin as he masters and brings your project to life!

Coming soon...Ella's blog

Jr. Engineer/Customer Support
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VP Operations/Bookings
Founder and Chief Engineer
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  • When we found our studio home, on Shake Rag Road, we wondered what the road was named after.  After some light research, to our delight we found that it was related to music. Shake Rag was a neighborhood in Tupelo. During the 1920's the sounds of blues and jazz flowed freely from cafe's and house parties.  It is said that Tupelos blues legacy is perhaps most widely known for it's influence on the young Elvis Presley who lived near the Shake Rag neighborhood. Blues guitarists such as Willie C. Jones, Charlie Reese, "Tee Toc" and Lonnie Williams played at Shake Rag house parties, street corners, restaurants and  cafe's.  After discovering this, we knew our dream was fulfilled. We are excited to have created a beautiful space for musicians. We look forward to assisting with the production of their music and to introduce new sounds to the world.   

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